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We translate popular science, scientific and literary books, manuals and guidebooks.

When commissioning translation of texts designed for publication, you must be sure that the translator assigned to the task is a true professional, for whom the target language is the mother tongue, that an experienced native-speaker editor will ensure correctness of the translated text, and that even the smallest translation errors will be noticed by a proven proofreader.

This is why Narrator Translation Office has assembled a reliable team of translators, editors and proofreaders.

Narrator Translation Office provides book translations for six languages: Polish, English, German, Russian, Czech, and French.

Prior to commencing the process of translation, we always provide the customer with a free-of-charge translation sample.

Our offer is not limited to translation: we provide a comprehensive service of the entire publishing project: preparation of agreements, translation of internal correspondence and interpreting during business meetings associated with the project.

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Biuro Tłumaczeń Narrator
University of Warsaw Library
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