We provide services for companies and institutions, as well as for individual customers.

We treat every customer equally, in each case delivering services of the highest possible quality.

We provide translations of all kinds:

/ Regular translations

Translations that do not require authentication by a certified translator, e.g. translations of articles, user's manuals, invoices, correspondence, advertising materials or websites.

/ Certified translations

Translations authenticated by a certified translator, e.g. translations of documents, diplomas, contracts, certificates, balance sheets, reports, and medical certificates.

/ Verification of translations

Verification of translation comprises careful reading and correction of text that has already been translated. This task is usually assigned to the most experienced translators.

We offer professional specialist translations:

/ Technical translations

Texts pertaining to such domains as IT, chemistry, energy, industry, construction.

/ Medical translations

Texts pertaining to such domains as pharmacy, medical technology, medicine, biotechnology.

/ Legal translations

E.g. Contracts, legal acts

We provide translations from and into the majority of languages.

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